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Joan Doglio Smith, nurse-midwife (CNM).

Have Your Baby Safely and Naturally with Us

At Abundance Midwifery, we want you to have your best possible natural birth experience.  Whether you choose to give birth at home or in one of our birthing centers, our professional staff is ready to support you. 



Our Birth Approach Puts You First

We learn about you and create a partnership based on compassion and trust. This includes your participation in managing the birth process. In this way we provide individualized care guided by you, our team, and the best available medical information.

We Let Nature Take the Lead

You’re going through a wondrous natural process. We honor this and watchfully wait and limit intervention during a normal birth.  If we intercede or use technology it is for your optimal health. We only consult with or refer to other professionals when necessary.

About Our Team and Practice

We have a combined 55 years of certified nurse midwife and certified professional midwife experience. Our clients can give birth at home, at Manor Birth Sanctuary, or at Lotus Birth Center. St. David's Medical Center is also available for support as needed. Lastly, we’re one of the few local midwifery practices who accept Medicaid.

Our Practice Leadership


We're led by Joan Doglio Smith (below), MSN (Master of Science, Nursing), OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife). Joan is also Clinical Director at Manor Birth Center and the only registered nurse-midwife in the Austin area with experience in three birth environments:

1.  17 years as a birth center CNM

2.  14 years in a hospital as an RN/CNM
3.  6 years attending home births

In Network Insurance Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield, STAR & CHIP Medicaid

Traditional Medicaid, Texas Medicaid Health Plan, STAR & CHIP

Superior Health Plan

Dell Children's Health Plan Medicaid

Seton Ascension Health Plan

Ambetter Health Plan

In addition, we'll file a claim on your behalf with any provider.

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