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Welcome to Abundance Midwifery Service

For years we've been building compassionate, trusting, midwifery client relationships that help women on their birth journeys. Our goal is to offer you the best support possible in managing your own natural birth process. This includes watchfully waiting and limiting intervention, interceding only for you and your baby's optimal health. 

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Press Release:

The Poor State of Texas Maternity Care & How Midwives & Birth Centers Can Help

The Coalition of Texas Birth Centers

See Our New Birth Center!

We now have a free standing 1,500 sq ft center in Manor with two fully accommodated birth suites.


109 West Lane Avenue, Manor, TX 78653

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A Small, Unique Austin-Area Midwifery Practice

Our team of professional midwives provides personalized pregnancy and natural birth support with services and experience others can't match.

       Continuity of care with the same midwife throughout your pregnancy plus two midwives at birth

       Choice of birth in our birth center or at home

       Only local practice doing out-of-hospital births with hospital privileges

       Pregnancy groups for assessment, collaborative learning, and social support

       Childbirth classes included with care 

       Certified labor and delivery nursing since 1987

       A combined 55 years of certified nurse midwife & certified professional midwife experience

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We're the only Austin-area freestanding birth center & midwives in-network with Traditional & Superior Medicaid

 Led by an Experienced
Professional Midwife

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Meet Joan Doglio Smith, an Austin-area medical professional with extensive education & training in nursing & midwifery.

  • MSN (Master of Science, Nursing)

  • OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner

  • APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse)

  • CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife)

She is the only local nurse-midwife experienced in all birth settings: Birth Center & Home Birth CNM; Hospital RN/CNM​

Joan is a midwifery mentor/trainer & a Preceptor for:

She is also President of the Coalition of Texas Birth Centers.

What is a Preceptor?

Preceptors bridge theoretical learning and clinical practice to guide students in meeting clinical objectives and delivering safe, quality care. They educate students through observation and instruction, training them to become midwives.


Our Humanistic Philosophy of Care

We ...

Affirm the power and strength of women and gender non-conforming birthing people.

Believe every person, no matter their income deserves equitable, ethical, quality care.

Use the most complete and up to date evidence to make informed healthcare decisions.

Support self-determination and family member involvement in the birth experience.

Services at Abundance Midwifery

Designed to provide options and prepare you for the best possible birth and postpartum experience.

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An Excerpt From Jessika's Birth Story

        “She (Joan) was the most equipped, knowledgeable, sincere, and strong CNM I had met…               and I devoted two months to meeting a lot. I was terrified of giving birth, so I painstakingly researched. Not to say they all aren’t amazing, but from my first phone conversation with her in the parking lot of the Deep Eddy pool, I knew she was who I needed. I told all my friends I was meeting that day, ‘I finally found the one!’ Not only did she tell me I COULD have a VBAC, but she also told me how, and why, and smoothed over my fears of uterine rupture with facts. Her extensive experience was clear, her manner was methodical and there was a comfort I found in her that was solid and warm simultaneously."

Our Birth Center

Our birth center is a refuge for clients with a home-like environment and artsy vibe. It features two comfortable birth suites with full accommodations including water birth support. Located away from city hubbub in nearby Manor, the center has easy highway access. It's also just 15 minutes from the nearest transfer hospital

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Our birth center is a member of the American Association of Birth Centers. Please see this video produced by AABC about the benefits of using a birth center.

Superior Health Plan logo

We're the first local birth center facility in network with Superior Medicaid & Ambetter Marketplace plan.

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We Also Support Women's Health & Wellness for a Lifetime

Pap smears
Preconception counseling & care

  • Family planning

  • Cycle tracking

Contraception support​

  • Pills, patches, NuvaRing, diaphragms

  • Nexplanon certification for implantable contraceptives

  • Long term contraceptives such as Mirena & Paragard IUD

Intrauterine insemination​

OB/GYN nurse practitioner

Insurance Information

In Network Insurance Coverage Options

(we'll also file with any payer on your behalf)

The Only Austin-Area Birth Center in Network

with Marketplace & Medicaid Insurance

We're in network as a provider & birth center for Medicaid, Superior Medicaid & Ambetter Health Plan. Professional fees are in network for home or birth center delivery with Ambetter Marketplace insurance. Joan is also in network with Ascension Health Plan including Dell Children's Health Plan & Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicaid.

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