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Please Contact Us About Your Pathway to Abundance! 

  • Please provide your contact information and questions or requests in the form below. Be sure to include your DUE DATE if pregnant.

  • For well woman, preconception, or contraceptive care: Please indicate what you need and a team member will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • For midwifery care if you are currently pregnant: Please fill in your due date and indicate that you're interested in our midwifery services. We'll set up a free Telehealth meeting to discuss midwife support for a home or birth center birth.

    • Medical records submission: Medical records and history are required to assess your midwife candidacy. To obtain them we'll ask for permission and then invite you by email to compile a chart on Mobile Midwife EHR, our confidential electronic records application. This tool only runs on Apple iPads, iPhones, and Macs and we've found mobile devices are best for its documents and forms.

    • Client review and approval: After reviewing your medical and pregnancy history we'll contact you about your healthcare requirements and whether they fit within the scope of midwifery care.

    • Initial consultation: This is an opportunity to ask questions, complete any client history details and review our practice information. We will also review our client financial agreement and risk assessment in more detail.

  • Problems with email communication: If email contact does not work for you, please call or text Victoria at 512-653-7892 and leave a message with your name and the services you are seeking.

Contact Abundance Midwifery Service

Your message was sent! Please allow 24-48 hours to hear from us as we may be attending a birth. If you're a current client with an urgent matter, please contact us by phone.

Abundance Midwifery Service
North Clinic

Abundance Midwifery Service
South Clinic


Abundance Midwifery Service at
Manor Birth Sanctuary
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