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Water births use deep water tubs like this for relaxation, tension relief and sometimes labor and delivery.

Water Birth in Austin, TX

What is a Water Birth & is it Safe?

Water birth is the therapeutic use of full immersion into a deep water birth tub to aid in relaxation, relieve tension, and reduce pain during labor. Sometimes women in labor use the birth tub just for labor, at other times natural birth happens in the water! In either case using a water birth tub is a very safe birth support option. You can learn more about water birth safety in this study: Water birth: a systematic review and meta-analysis of maternal and neonatal outcomes.

What are the Benefits of Water Birth?

Hydrotherapy helps to ease discomfort during labor by increasing the hormone, oxytocin, as well as pain relieving endorphins. This helps to reduce the need for other types of pain relief. Water birth additionally allows for ease of maternal movement during labor.


How do I Prepare for a Water Birth?

Abundance Midwifery Service will rent a La Bassine birth tub for you or you can purchase one on your own. We also provide information and a link to the necessary items you'll need - a new hose, plastic sheeting to protect your floor, and a birth tub liner.















Frequently Asked Questions: Water Birth


What do I wear for a water birth?

Often nothing at all! Sometimes moms will want a bra, but often your birthday suit is enough.


Can I get an epidural for a water birth?

No, you cannot.

What types of pain relief can I have during a water birth?

The birth tub is your pain relief. Having a doula to assist you with contraction by contraction pain is always helpful.

Who is eligible for a water birth?

If you have had a low risk pregnancy and labor you are eligible for a water birth!

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