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An Abundance Midwifery Service midwife measures a client's belly during a prenatal checkup.

Prenatal Care in Austin, TX

What is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is healthcare that addresses a person’s pregnancy. Typically we see clients every 4 weeks during the first 28 weeks, every 2 weeks through 36 weeks, and from there once a week until delivery. Prenatal care also includes any lab work that is needed as well as ultrasounds and nutritional counseling.


Why is Prenatal Care Important?

Regular prenatal care is crucial to the health and well-being of both mother and baby. It helps to prepare you for the birth you want and addresses issues as they arise during your pregnancy.


What Should I Expect During a Prenatal Check-up?

During each visit we take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. We listen to your baby with a hand-held fetal doppler and measure your belly to be sure the baby is growing well. We also take time to answer your questions, discuss timely topics related to your gestational age and do any scheduled lab work. Our prenatal visits are an hour long so we have plenty of time to cover everything.

      Group Prenatal Care

We provide birthing support classes in Austin, TX to help connect families to each other and to support a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

What Are Prenatal Screenings?

Several tests are recommended in pregnancy: the OB profile, gestational diabetes screening, Group B Strep screening, and additional screening for anemia if needed. Recommended ultrasounds include an early dating scan if a pregnancy’s due date is unknown or unclear, a non-invasive screening for possible genetic issues at 12 weeks, and an anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

What Does Prenatal Care Cost?

Our services are a complete package that includes prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care for mother and baby. The self-pay package price is $5,500.00, however if you have Medicaid much of your cost will be covered.


How Do I Join?

Use our contact form to send us your due date and request for information and we'll get back to you.












Frequently Asked Questions: Prenatal Care


In what week of my pregnancy should I start prenatal care?

Ideally, the perfect time to start prenatal care is 8 to 12 weeks after becoming pregnant.


Can my partner come to my first prenatal appointment?

Yes. We encourage partners to attend any and all prenatal visits if possible.

What should I do before my first prenatal appointment?

We will send you information through our electronic medical records system to help you prepare for your visit. Be sure to upload your insurance information to our portal before you come so we can check your benefits!

Can I skip prenatal for a day?

This is not recommended. Keeping your appointments is one of the crucial ingredients in helping you remain a low risk pregnant person so you can give birth the way you choose. If you must miss a prenatal appointment, please inform us and reschedule for as soon as possible.


How much is prenatal care without insurance?

Our package, which includes prenatal, natural labor and delivery, postpartum, and newborn care is $5,500.00.

Midwife listening to a fetal heartbeat during a prenatal check-up.
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