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Midwife Checklist in Austin, TX


Midwife Checklist

We know that choosing a midwife is a very important personal decision. That's why we've provided these questions to help you when interviewing candidates. The midwives at Abundance Midwifery Service have many years of experience and can address these and any other questions or concerns you may have.    

1. How many births have you attended without intervention/s?

2. Do you practice alone or with others?

3. What kind of childbirth preparation do you recommend?

4. How much do you charge? Is your care paid for by my insurance?

5. Do you care for women who want a vaginal birth after a previous C-section?

6. Do you provide labor support and stay with women throughout labor?

7. How do you feel about doulas or family & friends being with me during labor?

8. Do you allow moving around and eating or drinking during labor?

9. What would be the causes for an induction discussion? 

10. Will I be given at least 42 weeks to go into spontaneous labor?

11. What is your Cesarean birth rate?

12. Who else will attend the birth with you?

13. What kinds of medications or tools can you access in case of an emergency?

14. Do you have an obstetrician/gynecologist agreement for care if needed?

15. What types of comfort measures will be available?

16. How long will you stay after birth?

17. How long will I stay after birth?

18. Can I hold my baby right after birth, breastfeed, and not be separated?

19. What interventions/treatments/tools do you NOT use?

20. Will a midwife support me and stay with me if I transfer?

21. What would "risk me out" of care?

22. What is your transfer rate? Where would I go?

23. Under what conditions would you consider a transfer?

24. Are you trained in newborn resuscitation?

25. How many times do you visit after my baby is born?

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