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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you have hospital privileges for home & birth center births?

We've found that being connected to hospital teams who accept transfers from community midwives is very important. It allows us to provide an optimal transfer experience for our clients when needed. Supporting receiving hospitals and their staffs is also a way for us to give back to those who assist with community births. Lastly, it helps us to maintain our professional growth.

Is a birth center a good option for me?

There are many reasons why a birth center birth is a good option for pregnant women. First, you may simply not be comfortable laboring at home. Or, even if you prefer a home birth, you may live too far from a hospital if a transfer is needed. There are also instances when a home does not have the required features as outlined in our home birth checklistLastly, you may be inclined to give birth at a hospital but cannot afford to do so. 

The good news is that current data shows birth center births to be safe for low risk mothers and babies. Birth centers like ours have now become a preferred option for many women who want a natural birth.









Why would I choose a home birth over one at a hospital?

Many women feel that they'll be most comfortable laboring in their own home. Some are also concerned about the risks associated with hospital births. In other cases having a baby at a hospital is simply not an affordable option. You should know that current data shows home births to be safe for low risk mothers and babies. If this is your preferred option, we have decades of experience with home births and are ready to support you.

Which insurance plans do you accept?

Abundance Midwifery Service is credentialed as an "in-network provider" with many prominent insurance companies including Medicaid. Based on insurance coverage and self-payment, we work individually with each family to provide the best options. This support is available to you whether you desire a home or birth center birth. Our services are currently in network with:


We will also file claims with other insurance plans such as Tricare, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana.

Do you offer childbirth education classes?

We're excited to offer classes of our own taught by our midwifery staff.  To help prepare you for your first ever birth we require that parents take childbirth classes appropriate for them. All first-time and experienced clients are also welcome to attend our condensed natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care classes. Lastly, we routinely spend an hour during each prenatal visit answering questions and reviewing our Centering Pregnancy curriculum.


Furthermore, Joan Doglio Smith has a deep childbirth education background and can devise personalized training plan for you. Her experience includes leading a Centering Healthcare Pregnancy Program, teaching breastfeeding classes, and childbirth education in spanish. For more information about Centering Pregnancy please visit






What are your office hours?

We're not a high-volume practice and are happy to set appointments that blend into your work/life schedule (including evenings & weekends). They can be held at our office or in your home when necessary. Because we strive to involve families and labor support in your care and education, meeting times and locations are flexible.


Offering affordable pricing is important to us so we keep costs down. This is why we don't maintain a dedicated office. Instead, we share space with other midwives in north and south Austin as needed. When necessary we conduct telehealth appointments using Zoom or Google videoconferencing.

  • At our north Austin location, office hours are available on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Joan Smith, CNM and Victoria Meinhardt, CPM

  • At our south Austin location, office hours are on Friday

  • At our birth center, we make appointments on Tuesdays and as needed with Victoria Meinhardt, CPM











Do you speak Spanish?

Se habla Espanol. Bienvenidos a Abundancia!

Since 1987, Joan Doglio Smith has worked with Spanish-speaking mothers and families in many clinical settings including hospitals, community clinics, and birth centers. She has done so in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Denver, El Paso, and Austin. In fact, her first delivery occurred while she was a student-midwife in Cali, Colombia! Lastly, Joan also volunteers at the Mama Sana organization. Please stop by their Facebook site or website for a visit at: or ​

Why would I choose to have a hospital birth? 

In some cases a midwife determines that a client or their baby has a high-risk condition which could cause a birth emergency. When this happens a hospital is usually the safest option for delivery. Additionally, if you don't have full family support for a community birth you may want to consider a hospital. Lastly, a hospital is the only choice for mothers who  choose anesthesia support for labor and birth.

Birth center birth of twins in Austin, TX

Austin mom enjoying her twins after giving birth at our birth center

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Abundance Midwifery client and family enjoying time outdoors in Austin, TX
AMS midwife Vicki teaching a childbirth class in Austin, TX
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