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Group Prenatal Care in Austin, TX

What is Group Prenatal Care?

Group Prenatal Care is comprised of childbirth education group sessions combined with prenatal care appointments. Patients, their midwives, and a co-facilitator attend 9 or 10 sessions for a total of 18 to 20 hours. Group education occurs alongside individual prenatal care checks for each patient. 

  • This program is designed to provide you with a traditional health check up plus additional time and attention in a group setting

  • You'll meet with your midwife and other families who are due near the same time that you are

  • Together you'll share your learning experiences, receive education for yourselves and your families, and become involved in your own care

  • Group Prenatal Care sessions will replace your individual prenatal visits with two hour long group experiences for the majority of your pregnancy

  • During the last month of your full term you'll return to individual prenatal care meetings with your midwife 



What are the benefits of Group Prenatal Care?

  • You'll receive healthcare in a group setting that leads to greater engagement, learning, and self-confidence

  • As a busy expectant mother, you'll save time by developing a supportive community while getting the prenatal care and childbirth classes and education that you need 

  • The sessions you attend will allow for more time with your midwife

  • A group approach helps to provide better health outcomes for both you and your baby

  • Group Prenatal Care and learning has been shown to decrease preterm and low weight births, increase breastfeeding, improve pregnancy spacing and family planning, and reduce postpartum mood disorders

  • Studies show that Group Prenatal Care eliminates nearly all racial disparities in preterm birth rates 

  • African American women, a high risk group for preterm births, have lower risk when enrolled in these groups

  • Your partner and family attendance to visits will increase

  • Best of all there is no extra cost to you or your family!

















 When can I start attending sessions?

  Group Prenatal Care sessions begin March 16th and are held from 2:00pm to 4:00pm upstairs at Lotus House​

  March 16th, 2024

  March 30th, 2024

  April 13th, 2024A

  April 27th, 2024

  May 11th, 2024

  May 25th, 2024

  June 8th, 2024

  June 22nd, 2024

  July 6th, 2024

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