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AMS birth suite three quarter_edited_edited.jpg

Our Birth Center in Austin, TX

AMS birth suite with bassine water birthing tub

One of our birth suites with a La Bassine water birth tub

Our Private Birthing Center in Austin, TX

Contact Victoria Meinhardt at for more information about our birthing center and to schedule a tour. 

We have a private space for pre-natal appointments

What is a Birthing Center?

Birthing Centers provide personalized, family-centered care for healthy women from highly qualified professionals during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. They offer a nurturing, home-like environment where women are supported, respected and safe. You can make yourself comfortable in your own clothing and soak in a tub or have a waterbirth. Children, parents, and friends are welcome to be near you as you give birth. Birthing centers are also an integrated part of the healthcare system and will assist in transferring you to a hospital during labor should the need arise. You can visit the American Association of Birth Centers website for more information.

AMS birth center family-work area

Our center is an AABC member

We're part of the American Association of Birth Centers. See this video produced by AABC for more about birth center benefits:

Our office & client meeting area

American Association of Birth Centers logo
Superior Health Plan logo

We're the first local birth center facility in network with Superior Medicaid & Ambetter Marketplace plan.











Your Birthing Center Plan and What to Expect

As you move through your pregnancy, we’ll discuss your birth preferences and make plans. However, once labor develops all you’re required to do is contact your midwife and drive to the birthing center. Because birthing conditions can vary greatly by individuals, we’ll assess your status when you arrive and provide the support you require.

How Does it Work to Have a Baby at Our Birthing Center? 

Planning to deliver your baby with us is easy. The first step is to become an Abundance Midwifery Service client. If you’d like to tour our birthing center before doing so, please set up an appointment with Victoria, one of our midwives. Once you're comfortable moving forward, simply sign our contract which includes a payment plan for the facility fee.

How Long Will I Stay After the Birth?

After giving birth certain criteria must be met before you can leave the birthing center. Your baby should exhibit stable vital signs and be comfortable breastfeeding. Mom needs to be able to understand discharge instructions, use the bathroom, take a shower (with assistance) and eat and drink. It’s equally important that you’re rested enough to safely drive or ride home. We recommend having someone stay with you until our first home visit two or three days after the birth.  

AMS birth suite three quarter_edited_edited.jpg

Second birth suite at our center


Can My Family Come There?

Yes, of course!

What Can, or Should I Bring?

If you have a labor support person they should be

at the birth center. Recommended items to

bring include loose-fitting clothing, a car seat,

and snacks and beverages for labor and

postpartum. We’ll provide prenatal education for

natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn

care, and materials to share with your team.

Can I Have a Doula?

Yes. We can refer you to excellent doulas in the area, some of whom offer their services free of charge if you meet certain financial criteria.

Birth & Beyond

We do very close daily follow up as clients usually discharge on the same day their baby is born. This includes 24-hour phone support and a visit to your home two to three days after you give birth.

Our Birthing Center in Austin, TX

A refuge for clients, our birthing center is located in Manor just a short distance from Austin. It’s a wonderful, cozy little getaway with a homey environment and an artsy vibe for you to give birth in. Paintings by the owner’s partner hang on the walls and forested walkways surround the building. We’re proud to be an independent, midwife-owned practice with a beautiful birthing center only 15 minutes from the nearest transfer hospital. 


Our New Birth Center is Now Open











Can I use Medicaid?

One of the key AMS differences is that we support women who would not otherwise be accepted by birthing centers. All our birthing center moms have been Medicaid clients. We consider this to be our niche and believe that women should not be turned away because they can’t pay. We’re in-network with TMHP (Texas Medicaid Health Plan), also known as traditional Medicaid. In addition, our birth center is in network with Superior HealthPlan so the facility fee is covered by Medicaid.

Contact Victoria Meinhardt at for more information. 

AMS family area_edited.jpg

Main family and living area

manor journal article abour new birth center

We're proud to announce that our new, larger birth center is open to better serve our clients.  It spans 1,500 square feet and includes two birthing suites, offices, and a client meeting area. The center is also in Manor but much closer to East Highway 290 for easy access. Our new address is 109 West Lane Avenue, Manor, TX 78653. You can learn more about the new birth center by reading or downloading the front page story about it in the Manor Journal.

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