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Hiccupping Fetus Causing Unnecessary Anxiety in Austin, TX

Updated: Jul 1


What is a hiccupping fetus?


A hiccupping fetus can occur during any pregnancy. These are actual hiccups coming from your baby. They’re often felt in the third trimester which occurs between 28 weeks and birth.



What does a hiccupping fetus feel like?


A fetus with hiccups can cause rhythmic, abrupt movements within you. Most babies have  them when they are awake and active during the day. Hiccups are also most noticeable in the third trimester.

How long do fetal hiccups last?

They can last for only a few or for several minutes. In this way they're very similar to hiccups in babies, children, and adults.


Should I worry about a hiccupping fetus?


I recently heard several mothers voicing concerns about their baby’s hiccups. This came after they read on the internet that hiccups in utero could be baby seizures! I was alarmed and wanted to help these moms better understand what’s really going on with fetal hiccups. So, I reviewed scientific literature and consulted with several maternal fetal medicine specialists about it. The resulting feedback was very consistent. Both the specialists and peer reviewed studies indicated that a hiccupping fetus is a normal and even reassuring occurrence in pregnancy. So, fear not! And please remember to check in with your midwives before worrying about these normal events in your baby.

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