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Meet Cat McGrath, DONA, CPM

About Cat McGrath

I began my birth support journey at the age of 19 when becoming a DONA Certified Doula. My career began through a hospital Doula program in New Mexico where I served both labor and delivery, postpartum and NICU families.


Two years later I started working for the Austin Area Birthing Center. There I worked as a birth assistant, postpartum caregiver, and prenatal yoga instructor for 10 years. During that time, I also became a midwife apprentice and earned the credential of Certified Professional Midwife under supervision of both CPMs and CNMs. I also assisted Joan Smith, CNM in the creation of the Centering Group Prenatal Care Program to offer a greater sense of community to our rapidly growing birth center and city. During my 10 years at the birth center, I attended over 500 births. To date I've attended over 800 births and counting!  My care is a blend of 12 years of experience, both in and out of hospital settings. I support women in all ways and all places they choose to give birth. It is my deep belief that when women and families are truly informed about their choices in birth, no matter the outcome of that day, they will feel empowered in their transformation as individuals, parents, and new families. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and yours!

Education & Certifications

Childbirth Classes

Cat leads a Prenatal Yoga Class.

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